Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is Jasper. As you can see he has only 3 legs and no tail. He was hit by a car when he was 6 months old. I adopted him when he was a year old from Stuben Humane Society. He was specifically waiting for me ( I like to think)  ;) I understand not many people at this time can adopt but.... if you 
can please go check out a shelter near you or go to Petfinders  But if not please donate to your shelter... food, towels, newspapers, or call them and find out what they need at this particular moment.

This little guy is Butterscotch my daughter took him in when his owner passed away. Now he spends his day with Buddy and Belle. They don't ask for much ... someone to love them, feed them and someone they can cuddle with. Your reward?  Unconditional and eternal LOVE.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It Happened Today!!!!!

It hit me today....... what? you ask!! The Christmas spirit!!!!! December 13th.......12 more days till Christmas!!!!  Is everyone ready? I am not LOL . But this year am just gonna enjoy it and not fret .

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the season to be.....................

JOLLY? LOL  well am just feeling a little bit in the Christmas mood!!! Since no one is able to come for Christmas ( understandable) I haven't baked or really decorated the house. Hubby wanted the tree in the Den which is the computer room for my Father In Law so we never get to enjoy the "TREE" so not very much into the festive mood. And is it me or is there less Christmas music this year. And all the you should not say Merry Christmas....... well I respect every idea of how they spend the Holiday so why can't I say Merry Christmas? I mean that is my tradition! I don't ask anyone not to not use their traditions.
Why can't everyone celebrate the way they want!! For 60 yrs I have said Merry Christmas and will till the day I die.
 So with this in mind Merry Christmas All and to All a Good Night  ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am so upset with the news lately. The ones that get me the most? Cruelty to children and animals.How much better would this earth be minus those _____  you can't call them humans but you know who I mean.I have an idea tho..... Why not use them for labs? This way it defeats 2 purpose . They will feel the pain they put children and animals though and scientist have something to practice on!! All in favor raise your hands.......
If I could have one wish for Christmas it would be ... That all the children of the world have a great life and that animals find a forever home. And that both never know pain or torture!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

News Companies!!!!!!!

They will go sometimes to great heights  to SHOCK you!!! I went to an online newspaper, and was shocked and sickened and that picture absolutely made me sick. It was a cruelty picture to a kitten..... why put that on front page top story? Let us click it IF we want to be discusted. I am not even gonna link this story it is so bad. I hope they catch the ANIMAL and he is jailed for a long time.I hope he suffers as much as he made the kitten (about 6 weeks old) suffer.
Why on earth would someone do this? And why would News Companies not warn you? So am trying a lot of things to erase it from my thoughts. I hope letting this out will help. BTW This is mild what I wrote here... if I wrote what i am thinking I would loose this BLOG and if I wrote what I want done to these people......I would be condemned by all!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

80TH Birthday

October 10 th was my Father-In-Laws 80 th Birthday. So we had his FIRST ever surprise Birthday party.... he cried. He had Friends and Relatives from near and far come to celebrate a mile stone in his life. It was a great day! He still talks about it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


First picture with iPod.
My Daughter Ange was home for Thanksgiving.... she won't be home for Christmas but I understand. So we did presents this pass weekend. She got her Step Dad an MP3 and me... an iPod so I can text her.... ya I thought sure I am just into my computer... well I love it,it is great I am texting left and right. So you have thought about getting one... my advice run DO NOT WALK to get one. I can check my mail face to face calls with friends... surf.... I love it.
So thank you my precious girl   ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Being a woman who was married to a wife beater.. I thank Country singer Chris Young ... for standing up for this woman!!!!
This took place at one of his shows . Great going Chris... THANKS!

Way to go Chris!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Two more days for Thanksgiving .... yes have a lot to be thankful for but...... Three years ago Saturday is when my beloved Jenner ( Grand cat) he was 14 yrs old ,passed away from Cancer. I still think of him everyday!!! My kids live in Canada and I live in Indiana. ( I married an American.) I see my Daughter every 3 to 4 months :)  Last time I saw my son and my Grand kids was when the twins were 4 months old..... they are now 4 yrs old. They are 12 hrs away. My Daughter Angela will be home Thursday... She lives 5 hrs away. Been 2 yrs since my husband lost his job.. he has put out thousand of applications, either too experienced or not enough. His unemployment ran out!
BUT.... Thanks to my Father-In-Law we have a roof over our head, this in return for helping him out.. help with the upkeep of his House.... and company for him... : ) Please my Angela will be home. And a caring hubby. So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Is Love!!!!!

Found this picture on Pinterest I love it so much!!! Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love This!!

A few years ago I was "surfin" the web, and came across a site  that had great and beautiful and unusual designs. Well spent a couple of hrs going thru this site and fell in love!!!! This Lady took trash or junk and made useful things ,things that other wise would of ended up in a landfill or even crushed to never be seen again.
Her name? is Margo from MARGO'S JUNKING JOURNAL.  This is a little about herself. Margo.
She amazes me, you have to check her out... check out her work. Trash to Treasures.
Where does this woman find all this stuff? She shows you.. she even sells on Etsy go look and enjoy.
OH! she also rescues Grey Hounds :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday November 15th

Well Thanksgiving is coming soon.... which means Black Friday, tho some stores already have the BF sales!!!! Guess they want to get everyone this year!
Then Christmas... has anyone started their Christmas shopping? I think this Christmas will be a sad one for a lot of people with the economy the ways it is.... maybe I will check out some sites for some Freebies and Ideas for us!
Well off I go surfing .... and really trying not to smoke (yes I am quiting) Have a great everyone!!!!

Here is a candle to lite the way to a better Country!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Day... Same Attitude!!

I have read so much in the news lately of ridiculous statements.......So want to address those and give MY VIEW on them..
1st) Taxes on Christmas trees? Come on ... really? How idiotic to take something that people can still enjoy without the government sticking their hands in! Is it not enough to tax the gifts we give and the decorations we add without now saying hey you seem to enjoy a tree so.... ya we are gonna tax it!!!!! Think of thing that are necessity in life such as : diapers tax em...clothes tax em...personal hygiene (for females) tax em. baby milk tax em...I can go on and on and on... so maybe if we act like we hate Christmas trees the Government will not tax it lol.
Next is us being told how to raise our kids!!! Now some of you will think my views are off the wall.... some may agree.... they are asking if the "spare the rod  and spoil the child"  really works? I for one got spanked and so did my kids (not beating) just a pat across the behind. My kids (even being brought up with only a single parent) are great adults, caring and good people. People say you brought your kids up so well... I use to say thanks :) but one day I thought wait I punished them for what they did bad ...told them why they should not do it then gave them time out to think of what they did wrong. But they took what I taught them and used them in Adult life.So "training" your child with slaps ( if he slaps with his hand then slap his hand ) and teach them that..that is not acceptable.
Now this week I learnt about Food Stamps.... did you know they will give you a card to buy food..... but it can not buy toilet paper or soap of any kind. So my question here is .... what do yo do after you eat the food and need to go to the washroom?
And I can sort of understand no pets food cuz some people to save money have eaten cat food to survive but..... with so many animals ending up in the pound cuz they can't afford to feed them ,maybe we should add that so we can keep our loved ones with us? Whom ever made up these "rules" has never lived near the poverty line. Also notice the " middle income people are now leaning over to the poor level. Ahhhh but the rich get richer. I mean if you own Ford or Chrysler company you can borrow from the government and keep your salary and bonuses for your 4 or 5 homes you own.

Well these are my views ,my thoughts , my feelings. Even if you just read this great but if it made you think.... Fantastic.
Have a good day!!!