Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Day... Same Attitude!!

I have read so much in the news lately of ridiculous statements.......So want to address those and give MY VIEW on them..
1st) Taxes on Christmas trees? Come on ... really? How idiotic to take something that people can still enjoy without the government sticking their hands in! Is it not enough to tax the gifts we give and the decorations we add without now saying hey you seem to enjoy a tree so.... ya we are gonna tax it!!!!! Think of thing that are necessity in life such as : diapers tax em...clothes tax em...personal hygiene (for females) tax em. baby milk tax em...I can go on and on and on... so maybe if we act like we hate Christmas trees the Government will not tax it lol.
Next is us being told how to raise our kids!!! Now some of you will think my views are off the wall.... some may agree.... they are asking if the "spare the rod  and spoil the child"  really works? I for one got spanked and so did my kids (not beating) just a pat across the behind. My kids (even being brought up with only a single parent) are great adults, caring and good people. People say you brought your kids up so well... I use to say thanks :) but one day I thought wait I punished them for what they did bad ...told them why they should not do it then gave them time out to think of what they did wrong. But they took what I taught them and used them in Adult life.So "training" your child with slaps ( if he slaps with his hand then slap his hand ) and teach them that..that is not acceptable.
Now this week I learnt about Food Stamps.... did you know they will give you a card to buy food..... but it can not buy toilet paper or soap of any kind. So my question here is .... what do yo do after you eat the food and need to go to the washroom?
And I can sort of understand no pets food cuz some people to save money have eaten cat food to survive but..... with so many animals ending up in the pound cuz they can't afford to feed them ,maybe we should add that so we can keep our loved ones with us? Whom ever made up these "rules" has never lived near the poverty line. Also notice the " middle income people are now leaning over to the poor level. Ahhhh but the rich get richer. I mean if you own Ford or Chrysler company you can borrow from the government and keep your salary and bonuses for your 4 or 5 homes you own.

Well these are my views ,my thoughts , my feelings. Even if you just read this great but if it made you think.... Fantastic.
Have a good day!!!

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