Sunday, December 4, 2011

News Companies!!!!!!!

They will go sometimes to great heights  to SHOCK you!!! I went to an online newspaper, and was shocked and sickened and that picture absolutely made me sick. It was a cruelty picture to a kitten..... why put that on front page top story? Let us click it IF we want to be discusted. I am not even gonna link this story it is so bad. I hope they catch the ANIMAL and he is jailed for a long time.I hope he suffers as much as he made the kitten (about 6 weeks old) suffer.
Why on earth would someone do this? And why would News Companies not warn you? So am trying a lot of things to erase it from my thoughts. I hope letting this out will help. BTW This is mild what I wrote here... if I wrote what i am thinking I would loose this BLOG and if I wrote what I want done to these people......I would be condemned by all!!!!

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