Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Two more days for Thanksgiving .... yes have a lot to be thankful for but...... Three years ago Saturday is when my beloved Jenner ( Grand cat) he was 14 yrs old ,passed away from Cancer. I still think of him everyday!!! My kids live in Canada and I live in Indiana. ( I married an American.) I see my Daughter every 3 to 4 months :)  Last time I saw my son and my Grand kids was when the twins were 4 months old..... they are now 4 yrs old. They are 12 hrs away. My Daughter Angela will be home Thursday... She lives 5 hrs away. Been 2 yrs since my husband lost his job.. he has put out thousand of applications, either too experienced or not enough. His unemployment ran out!
BUT.... Thanks to my Father-In-Law we have a roof over our head, this in return for helping him out.. help with the upkeep of his House.... and company for him... : ) Please my Angela will be home. And a caring hubby. So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

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