Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the season to be.....................

JOLLY? LOL  well am just feeling a little bit in the Christmas mood!!! Since no one is able to come for Christmas ( understandable) I haven't baked or really decorated the house. Hubby wanted the tree in the Den which is the computer room for my Father In Law so we never get to enjoy the "TREE" so not very much into the festive mood. And is it me or is there less Christmas music this year. And all the you should not say Merry Christmas....... well I respect every idea of how they spend the Holiday so why can't I say Merry Christmas? I mean that is my tradition! I don't ask anyone not to not use their traditions.
Why can't everyone celebrate the way they want!! For 60 yrs I have said Merry Christmas and will till the day I die.
 So with this in mind Merry Christmas All and to All a Good Night  ;)

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